TALK LATER? As you prefer, write us a WhatsApp to the company number +34 93 129 7140 or write to us by email if it is more convenient for you

From our beginnings we were very clear about why Marta Trens existed and what its purpose was, although time passes we do not forget. We are here so that you can enjoy the perfect complement and the idea gift.


Come to see us! We would love to meet you, show you many exclusive physical store collections and be able to treat you as you deserve, to be with you. Furthermore, we believe in the magic of seeing jewels, trying them on, touching them and feeling them. You will find Marta and Marina, in C/ Gran, 2 Argentona, Barcelona. Surely you will find us like this: Marina will be very busy making the designs of the jewels with handmade natural stones and Marta entering new products to the online store. If you are a little lucky and you like dogs, maybe that day there is also coconut that often accompanies us! 

PS: You can also bring your pet!