The story of Marta Trens Jewelry was written earlier than I thought. Probably throughout your life it has happened to you that you were not clear about one thing, but that many situations and experiences lead or guide you to it ...


I am Marta, owner of the physical and online store. Since I was little I grew up surrounded by an environment of jewelers, I have been a close bond all my life and I have never rejected it from me. Despite that, I could not imagine the day when I would open my own company until in 2011 a chain of events led me to open the Marta Trens jewelry store in a local in my town, Argentona.

I did it with an immense illusion, and to this day I have not lost it. We are defined as Homely Jewelry, we always offer a close treatment, because we are all human and what better than to treat each other well and help each other in everything we can.

Years later… My little daughter, Marina, joined the company to give it a “digital transformation” she calls it. Create, administer and manage the online store and social networks to reach all of you in a different way but without losing the essence that created us.

So, we are two, side by side, unstoppable, with this project that does not stop growing thanks to you and that brings joy to our lives to continue fighting, improving and always innovating! 

925 Silver jewelry, precious stones and 18 kt gold finishes create our top quality collections, because that matters a lot to us, but without ceasing to be fair; reasonable prices, adjusted as much as we can to you and us.

We leave you here below some photos of our physical store and of us, so you can put a face on us, everything is done with a lot of love, we hope you like it as much as we do!