Marta Trens was born at a vital and complicated moment for me.

I felt that I had to turn my life around.

Between the possibility of buying a main residence or creating my own business, I risked it all for my own company and Marta Trens Jewelry was born.

The idea came from a strong desire, in my family we have been jewelers since 1945.

My father taught me the business since I was a child and all my siblings, including myself, have wanted to continue with the family essence and a beautiful life project.

To this day I am very grateful to my past self for making that decision despite not having been an easy path.

I have learned and achieved this precious reality and now I feel that the sacrifice, effort and perseverance have been worth it.

That value, that bravery despite the fear of failure is what I want to transmit to every woman who buys a piece of jewelery at Marta Trens.

Accompany you to feel strong, brave and capable.

Able to shine, to achieve, to dazzle.

And jewelry is the best ally to build this character.

Marta Trens is your trusted local and family jewelry store.

The heart of our business is functionality and customization.

We do everything in a family way, for many years I have been accompanied by my young daughter, who has now started her own project and today my right hand is my daughter-in-law.

A perfect work and life companion.

Our specialty is Sterling Silver, although we work with a wide variety of precious and noble metals.

Because we love to combine different types of jewelry: Traditional, modernist, classic and groundbreaking.

Marta Trens is a woman like you, with her own style and desire to stand out with elegance.

This is why in our store you will always find a jewel that helps you define yourself, move forward, fight for your own values and make conscious decisions that take care of you.

I hope you can create a purpose in your life like I was able to create thanks to jewelry

And I'd love to know you do, with one of our charms.

Unique, personal and lifelong jewels.

I leave you some photos of my physical store, where everything is born and orders go out every day <3 

Thanks for everything!