Super easy: Just follow the steps! If you have questions, tell us and we will help you.

  1. we need to know what inside diameter measure a ring that suits us well on the finger we want the ring. (or it works well for whoever we are going to give it to)
  2. We will always calculate with millimeters and with a ruler to be precise and to be able to avoid mistakes when placing our order: We put the ring on top of the ruler and measure the interior (see photo) (the beginning at the beginning of 0)
  3. Always keep in mind that not all fingers are the same size, (There is usually 1 size difference per finger).

TALLA 10 equals an inside diameter of 16mm (1,6cm)
TALLA 12 equals an inside diameter of 16,6mm (1,66cm)
TALLA 14 equals an inside diameter of 17,2mm (1,72cm)
TALLA 16 equals an inside diameter of 17,8mm (1,78cm)
TALLA 18 equals an inside diameter of 18,5mm (1,85cm)

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