All our jewelry is from 925 sterling silver , a piece made up of 925 thousandths of silver, What does this mean? Which is composed of a percentage of 92.5% pure silver, and 75 thousandths of copper, or 7.5% copper expressed as a percentage. What we call the famous 925 sterling silver.

If so, it is also considered sterling silver. In the market for quality and characteristics it is one of the best we can find.

Except for the jewels from the MAXI JOYAS collection, which are very special jewels specially made with a different alloy; in 999 Sterling Silver. That is, 99.9% pure Silver and 0.01% alloy materials.

Special care must be taken when there are natural stones, pearls and mother-of-pearl since liquids to clean silver, alcohol or simple sweat (if the ph is acidic) are aggressive and could damage them. 

Silver, and also pure silver, is a very ductile and malleable material.. Its gray-like color with a white sheen is amenable to polishing. It is not a material that is affected by oxygen and, therefore, it is exempt from this type of oxidation. However, it is very sensitive to sulfur and darkens when in contact with it. Two of its most important characteristics are its high thermal conductivity and its high electrical conductivity.

Silver is a material that, in principle, can be subjected to sweat, water..., but depending on the acidity of each person, it is possible that our little jewels darken, but that is not a problem because this material can be easily cleaned and shine again with its original color!

How to clean silver jewelry and make it shine again?

Sterling silver can tarnish over time when exposed to the open air. The loss of shine is a natural process that can be easily solved by washing it with a special product for Silver and a soft cloth.

soap and water: Put your jewelry in a container with very hot water and even boiling water, add a little soap for washing your hands and leave your jewelry inside for 10 minutes, once you take them out, rub them with a cotton cloth (serves the wipe to clean your glasses) and finally dry them with a cloth.

Chamois to clean silver jewelry: There is a special chamois, which has a product impregnated in its fabric that serves to shine and restore light to our jewels. They go great. In our physical jewelry it is what we use most often. you can buy them if you want here 

siddol liquid It is a special product for cleaning Silver. Once you have it, open the bottle, introduce your jewel inside and rescue it after 2-3 minutes, no more than that, then rub with a cotton or chamois cloth to remove residue from the product. Finally clean the jewel with soap and water and give it again with a cloth. We do not recommend doing this process with Gold-plated Silver jewelry.

Your jewelry will be as new as the first day they arrived!

For the care of sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry:

1. We recommend not doing sports activities with the jewelry.

2. Avoid contact of the jewel with cosmetic or household products that may damage its color: such as lacquers, perfumes, shampoos, etc...

3. To clean the jewelry you must use warm water and neutral PH soap. Use a soft toothbrush and then dry them with a chamois or a special cotton cloth for them that you can buy in our online store.

4. Preferably it is better to store the jewels individually in their original cases for proper conservation.

5. All silver jewels with a gold bath are essentially made of silver, a silver material, to which a coating of gold of a few millimeters is applied, so that with natural time, use and friction from the same clothes , skin or jewelry, the intensity of Gold can fade little by little. You will only have a permanently golden jewel forever without the intensity fading, that which is Solid or Pure Gold, since its original interior and exterior color is golden.

Finally, the speed at which this color disappears depends on multiple factors such as the use of chemical products on the skin, the level of body sweating or even the PH level of each person's skin.

It is important to take proper care of your gold-plated jewelry, or, if your experience tells you that it does not last, it is preferable that you choose jewelry in its silver version.


Pearl is a quality organic material but it has a luster life of about two hundred years. The pearl can become less bright and lose light if we misuse it. Here are some very useful tips for prolong the beauty and life of a pearl.

1. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, alcohols, makeup, cosmetics, lacquers, soaps, etc., is the first advice that we can put into practice to avoid destroying the spectacularity of our pearls:

We should never shower or wash with pearls on.

2. Preserve and save the pearls in a correct way is the second tip: Keeping them at a constant temperature is key, where there are no sudden changes in it. In this way, we will avoid excessive drying of them. Enemy to avoid: radiators and stoves.

When storing them, we will always prevent them from coming into contact with the rest of the jewels to avoid friction that could lead to scratches on the mother-of-pearl of the pearl. This is because the pearl is much softer than the metals with which the jewelry is made.

Finally, if possible, we will wrap them in a cotton chamois, velvet, gauze, etc., but never in a waterproof box or case: pearls need to perspire.

3. In addition to cleaning with water after each use, if they remain unused for long periods of time, it is advisable to maintain them once a year, either with a damp chamois cloth or directly with water.

Water is essential to avoid drying out the pearl. However, although the pearls welcome contact with water, we should never leave them submerged in it, since this seriously damages the thread of the past.

¿Se ha roto tu joyita? We have a repair service to be able to weld and offer you the best solution so that you can wear it again.
If your jewel is ENTRY under warranty, we only need the amount of the shipment. If your jewel is NOT covered by warranty, we will make a budget. In both cases, if you want us to manage the collection and delivery, you must pay €11, if you prefer to send us the jewel to the store, it will be €5.50.

I hope this information and advice has served you and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions :)