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Are you getting married and don't know what little detail to give to your inivit@s?

 What is more beautiful than thinking about each of them?  

This bracelet is the perfect gift for each one of them, with the initial and natural stone to choose from.


  1. You choose how many bracelets you want to give as a gift, add them to the cart.
  2. Once you have purchased them, send us a message via WhatsApp or email.
  3. In that message we will send a table so you can specify which letter goes with each tear and its finish.
  4. There are 4 natural stones to choose from, Labradorite (gray), Pink Chalcedony (Pink), Green Ropada and Turquenite (Turquoise). Each stone color goes with its matching closing thread.
  • Closing: Macramé Thread and Knot 
  • Natural Stone Size: 3 mm
  • Diamond Rim Diameter: 1,2cm
  • Plate Diameter: 5mm
  • stones: Labradorite, Pink Chalcedony, Green Ropada and Turquenite
  • Closure Thread Color: Sky Blue, Pastel Pink, Khaki Green and Camel


So that no one is left without theirs, we have added a discount, the more the better the price. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

1 Bracelet €17.90/u.
5 Bracelets €15.90/u.
10 Bracelets €14.90/u.
20 Bracelets €13.90/u.
30 Bracelets €12.90/u.
50 Bracelets €11.90/u.
100 Bracelets €9.90/u.
Delivery time depends on the number of bracelets you purchase, between 3-15 business days, you have them at home ready to give as a gift.



Can I exchange or return the jewelry?

Yes, we accept exchanges and returns within 14 days from receipt of the jewelry.

To request the processing of a change, write us an email to


Shipping all over the world.

  • EUROPE: 2/7 days MBE (UPS) € 13.90 | FREE > 250 €
  • USA and Canada: 7-20 days | € 29.90 | FREE> € 250 | MailBoxes UPS
  • Latin America, Asia, Australia, Central America: 7-14 days | € 39.90 | UPS
What are the payment methods available?

You can pay for your order by credit and debit card and PayPal.

We work together with Aplázame, a payment method divided into comfortable installments or cash on delivery in 15 days after receiving them.

If you prefer, we also have the option of bizum or cash on delivery (For this you must contact us through WhatsApp)

Can I get my jewelry wet? What material are they?

Our jewels are of the highest quality, made of 925 sterling silver. The golds are baths and plated in 18k gold. The stones are semi-precious and natural minerals. 

As for the care of the jewels, the Silver 925 silver jewels can be wet, practiced sports and shower without problem and they will last a lifetime. If they darken, with a chamois or cloth they shine again.

Those that are bathed in gold we advise not to do so, since direct contact with water, friction, aggressive liquids such as alcohol, cream, perfumes, chlorine water, etc ... cause the intensity of the gilding to decrease.

Gold is created by a Gold coating that is applied to Sterling Silver, which in its essence is silver, for this reason if we do not want the Gold coating to fade, we will have to take special care of them :)

If you have previously taken baths, you will know the approximate duration according to the Ph of your skin of the intensity of the bath. There are people who last for years like the first day!



Super easy: Just follow the steps! If you have questions, tell us and we will help you.

  1. we need to know what inside diameter measure a ring that suits us well on the finger we want the ring. (or it works well for whoever we are going to give it to)
  2. We will always calculate with millimeters and with a ruler to be precise and to be able to avoid mistakes when placing our order: We put the ring on top of the ruler and measure the interior (see photo) (the beginning at the beginning of 0)
  3. Always keep in mind that not all fingers are the same size, (There is usually 1 size difference per finger).

TALLA 10 equals an inside diameter of 16mm (1,6cm)
TALLA 12 equals an inside diameter of 16,6mm (1,66cm)
TALLA 14 equals an inside diameter of 17,2mm (1,72cm)
TALLA 16 equals an inside diameter of 17,8mm (1,78cm)
TALLA 18 equals an inside diameter of 18,5mm (1,85cm)

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