1We want to make you feel unique and special. Marta Trens Jewely is your family online store for 925 Sterling Silver jewelry with a physical store in Argentona, Barcelona. Founded in 2011 by Marta, the owner and manager of the store. We intend to bring you jewelry that will make you feel unique, special, selected with a lot of love and of high quality, always with fair prices so that we can all enjoy the trends and fashion of jewelry.

2. We believe in the work, effort and perseverance of women, that is why our team is made up of women, who work together in this project that grows every day, thanks to you.

3. All our jewels are selected with great care, thinking about every detail, the symbolism and the affection behind the jewel gift. A unique moment to surprise, convince and excite a special day or person. We want you to surprise too.

4.Our collection of natural stones is dedicated to offering you an exclusive jewel, handcrafted and locally made, of 925 Sterling Silver jewelery with natural and semi-precious stones.

  • All the designs are of their own creation and will define you with an innovative, energetic and elegant jewelry style.


Jewelry, like everything, has evolved a lot! For this reason, we have different lines and collections, so that you get to the one that makes you shine. We are people of light and what better way to show our worth with a good appearance and quality accessories that define your style and make a difference in your daily and special looks.

For us, jewels say a lot about ourselves, that's why in a conscious and dedicated way. Feel in your full self.

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